Dodo Solutions

Dodo Solutions designs and builds custom websites for growing and evolving companies. We also design and implement custom IT infrastructure for small businesses who are ready to upgrade their workflow and systems.

Fixed Price Projects

At Dodo Solutions, we have flexible pricing. And our prices are guaranteed once an agreement is reached.

Tailored solutions

All of our work, whether web based or a physical hardware installation will be custom designed and built to suit your needs.

Fast work turnaround

We work to a tight agreed schedule and will have your build ready as soon as possible.

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Web Design

We Meet and consult with our clients to build them the best website for their needs in the most cost effective way.

IT Installations for small businesses

Once a business reaches the size where it finds it’s conventional IT is holding them back, we can design custom setups to make sure your IT isn’t a bottleneck for workflow.

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We are driven by efficiency

Our goal is to be cost efficient, time efficient, and resource efficient, while designing you your custom IT setup or website.

Let’s work together on your next web project

Feel free to contact us to design your website or IT infrastructure.