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First Time IT Installations

If your business has managed to successfully grow to the size that you it becomes noticeable that your IT infrastructure is holding you back or slowing you down, it may be time for a much needed upgrade.

At Dodo Solutions we firmly believe that your IT should help you and/or your team be even more productive, not hold them back. And with that in mind, it is our primary goal to custom tailor a solution that maximise the productivity of each of our clients.

Our solutions can include everything a client needs or wants, from email and office, to network storage, VPNs and accounts and everything between. 

An Example

For Pillow we implemented a complete overhaul of their IT infrastructure. We implemented office 365 so that their staff were able to access office licenses and work files from home, and a VPN to access the work network at events.

We also installed a server in their office, this gave them the capability to have a security camera system, active directory (anyone could log in to any computer in the office with their own account and even access their own files), network drives for file sharing, a backup system, and a cloud backup to Microsoft azure amongst other things.

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For a free consultation and quotation from us to help you modernise your IT infrastructure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.